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About Us:

Straight out of Tacoma, Washington A.B.G. or Adopted By Grace is one of the hottest young Gospel Hip-Hop groups on the scene. Bringing a new flavor of street music to the forefront, A.B.G. offers to a sinfilled world a message of repentance, renewal & victory in Christ Jesus.

About Us:

I can?t even remember when it all started. Maybe I was born with this music thing. All I know is that I've been doing it my entire life. I started piano lessons when I was four. Later, I drove my mother crazy singing my lungs out in the car to Amy Grant, The Association, The Beatles and all those old ?Solid Gold? greatest hits tapes!! Driving her crazy enough to put me in voice lessons was probably the best thing I've ever done. Soon after, I gave one of my first performances for my family... while hiding safely behind a couch. Music played a major role throughout my schooling; from piano and voice lessons, to recitals and vocal competitions, to church and school choirs, to choir festivals. I eventually decided to major in classical piano performance in university. I studied under Marikja Roos (piano teacher extraordinaire) who helped me (more than she will ever know) to channel my feelings into what I was playing; my musical psychology. Playing classical is still something very personal to me; it?s like another window to my soul. It was during University that the travel bug bit me. I travelled to Europe when I was 20 to mend a broken heart and it was possibly the best decision I could have made. My first song with lyrics came out of that experience. During my last year of University I started singing with an Edmonton based A Capella group, Sven Blvd. A great group of people, with a quirky sense of humour. Our concerts were numerous, and very successful. We also found ourselves singing the national anthems at many NHL and CFL games. After about a year of singing with the group, I decided to part ways with life as I knew it, and travelled the South Pacific for a year. I was struggling with the mundaness of life, and I was in need of a musical makeover. I remember it was December of 2002 in Sydney, Australia when I wrote ?Breathe? on my cousins old, out of tune piano. I called my friend Ange on her mobile phone and played the song for her. Even though she was in a crowded pub she somehow still heard the song and started to cry. That was all I needed to make a decision. Upon my return to Canada, I packed up and moved from Edmonton to Vancouver, where a bunch of weird coincidences landed me smack dab in the middle of the music Industry. I?m featured on the Spoken album ?A Moment of Imperfect Clarity?, on Tooth and Nail Records, and independent funk artists Grand Poo Bah (, ?Rokkenphunkenrohl?, both produced by famed rock producer GGGarth. I have recorded a 3 song CD last year, with more in the works. One track titled ?Breathe? will also be featured on the soundtrack for an independent film called 'Shred Beddies' which is to be released in the summer of 2004. I will be heading back into the studio shortly to start recording new material, which I am really stoked about! For the next little while, I will have my hands full! Music to me is passion, without this passion, I have nothing. I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoy writing it. It is an ongoing journey of life.