Book a Band allows you to list your band, entertainer, venue, and other related merchandise in one place with No Commission Fees.

We want you to have an all-in-one place to promote yourself! All sales are between you and the customer. You never pay us a commission.

How can I use Book a Band products to promote myself?

One of our big features is if you or your band performs at, let’s say, weddings and jazz clubs, then you can list yourself once as a wedding band and another time as a jazz band. You can list yourself or your band at every type of venue, at no additional cost.


  • You are a singer for a band, play background piano music at weddings, and you also act as a DJ. You can list yourself three times as three different products. Let’s say you also sell t-shirts at Cafepress. You can also list those as a Related Merchandise type.
  • You are a photographer for both weddings and family reunions. You can list yourself as two different types of photographer.
  • You can add a product using our External / Affiliate product. You can use links such as Cafepress, Amazon Music, iTunes, and other online stores. You will still need to add a short description of your product before adding the link to our marketplace.
For more information see Vendors Terms


All Pro Memberships are only $1 a Month till September 1st, 2022! 

Book a Band Online Marketing Team

All products and articles will be promoted by our Marketing Team, which has more than 20 years of experience in marketing websites online. The marketing team will also be looking for the best products and articles to feature and heavily promote them. The more involved you become with Book a Band, the more you will be promoted on Book a Band and online. 

Book a Band Support

There is a knowledge base on each dashboard, on the Book a Band blog, and on YouTube. Direct support tickets to Book a Band staff from your personal dashboard. If you are lost, you can set up by appointment phone support. Kim, our technical manager, will be happy to walk you through any issue.

Book a Band Features

Features that will always be free.  (There are certain limitations by membership plan, see below.)
We have a knowledge base and YouTube channel to help explain these features in detail.

  • We allow external links, so please ask people who book or purchase your services, outside of Book a Band, how they found you.
  • Marketplace profile to list all your products (band/entertainers/shirt/venue), blog, contact information, and more.
  • All products and listings are listed in Book a Band marketplace.
  • Full control of all your Products and Listings. You fill out the product form and your listing is ready to be published by you. No waiting for approval. No nudity, violence, or foul language is permitted and if detected, you will be removed from Book a Band. Contact us if you have any question about a “sexy” photo you might want to post. You can even pick what to feature in your own profile/store.
  • We allow Youtube videos, Spotify, Soundcloud, social media links and more.
  • Write article or blog post to help sell yourself or your products.
  • You can brand your Marketplace/profile.
  • Location maps available.
  • SEO Search engine tags.
  • Each product will have an “Ask a Question” button for shoppers to email you directly. Then you can answer questions directly from your Book A Band dashboard. This is a great feature if you don’t want to add your phone number to your profile.
  • You can add vacation or already-booked time for when you are unavailable.
  • Gain Followers and reviewers in the marketplace.
  • Keep and manage a customer list that you can export and save as a pdf.
  • Add staff, most likely other band members, to help manage your marketplace.
  • And More!

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