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About Us:

The line up: Davor Vlahov (guitar/lead vocals) Slaven Nikolic (guitar/back vocals) Darko Demsic-Rudi (bass guitar) Vedran Hrgetic (keyboards) Neven Nikolic (drums) The story so far... The story began in 2001, in Zagreb, Croatia, when Slaven Nikolic (guitar), Davor Vlahov (vocal/guitar) and Darko Demsic-Rudi (bass), together with Vedran Hadziselimovic (drums) formed heavy/progressive band "We were formed in October 2001 in Zagreb (Croatia), after Vedran and Slaven stepped out of a band called Polje IV as a consequence of some personal disagreements with the other members. After that they contacted Darko to form a new band as his band (Pro-maya) has also fallen apart not so long ago. Some short time after they formed a band without a name which included Marko Pirija on guitars and Ognjen ?iljak on keybords who were also members of Polje IV. In February-March 2002, Davor (also an ex-Pro-maya member) joined the band and Marko and Ognjen stepped out. About that time we named ourselves R2 and we set up our objectives: to make enough material and to record a demo before the summer. Next three months we spent composing and rehearsing to finally enter the studio at the end of May. And here it is. If you can, download it, listen to it and write to us! It really doesn't matter if you dont like it or if you think it's good. In any case, drop us an e-mail so we can see what you think about us. It's only the music that matters! We play for ourselves first, but would be very glad to see if people like what we do.") They recorded a 5track demo named "Given Away" (review of that demo could be found on web page: Soon after that, they stopped playing together. In autumn of the year 2002, together with their new drummer, Neven Nikolic, they formed band Fragment. They continued to work on their new material (some songs from R2 stage were also included in their repertoire), but because of lack of keyboardist, were unable for playing live. That changed in the very end of the same year when Vedran Hrgetic joined them as keyboardist and completed Fragment's line-up. At that point, they were searching for their own music style and combined various music elements and influences. They had several concerts during 2003. in and around Zagreb. In 2004. Fragment finished material for their very first album called "The Masquerade". During this period they developed their own style that can be described as heavy metal empowered with rhythmical riffs and periodic progressive influence. Main influences on the band were made by: Masterplan, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquillity and progressive bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X... Fragment entered the Monitor Audio Studio; Zagreb, in August of 2004. The work on album lengthened out to more than 11 months, mostly because of the lack of money. It is important to say that the whole project was self-financed and self-produced.