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About Us:

We are a Metal band from Austin,Texas. We have been together since 1993 all the original members. The four of us have different influences and you can hear it in our music,so it's hard to catagorize.If you like Thrash,Death,Speed,Grincore, and punk music you will like us.These are some of the Places we have played in Austin; San Antonio,Corpus,Vegas,California, Houston,Dallas,and Victoria.Our goal is to create a loyal following and stamp the name "DEMONIO" in the World of Metal

About Us:

American Infidels is an all-star line up of some of North Texas' best classic' rock, blues, and good time country players to hit the scene in ages. The band is influenced by the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, The Beatles, Santana, T-Bone Walker, and the Mississippi delta greats. The American Infidels also perform hook laden originals that are rooted in the Texas Soul & Groove heritage so popular in Europe. ' The band members consist of: ' Phillip Looney ' Keyboards & Lead Vocals '' Phil, a Dallasite, and graduate of the University of Texas, worked in New York and Houston as a studio musician/engineer, and has won several awards for Soundtrack music, including the New York Festivals Gold, and a Telly. Phil has had several national solo releases, and global music videos for the Playboy channel/ SpectraVision. Phil played extensively in the Houston area, while doing studio work for producer Huey Meaux. This included stints at most of the major properties in Houston, including Gilley's and for receptions for the Texas legislature and other notables.' While there, Phil was the' subject of a feature focus on the Texas Music Hour. '' Phil is a founding performer at Alley Cats Dueling Pianos in the West End and entertained at the World Famous Inwood Tavern for nine years, when it was the college bar in Dallas.' During this time, he compiled an impressive mailing list of fans eagerly anticipating his return to the Dallas music scene. Phil is an experienced and talented composer and front man who feels at home in front of 50 or 50,000 people. ' Charles Barbosa ' Electric Guitar & Lead Vocals Charles has been singing like an angel and playing like the devil his whole life. The son of a musician, Charles' style has recently focused on Rock and Pop. He has twenty years experience playing blues and southern rock. Charles is a road warrior who has toured with everybody from the Model T. Review out of Miami, to a Las Vegas Variety Show Band. Charles, founding member of' Arista recording artists, Point Blank, has also worked extensively with Red Handle, a hot Southern rock act. Charles is a 'no holds barred' type of player that is always looking to turn up the energy. ' Brent Davis ' Drums & Backing Vocals Brent has been actively playing Texas style rock & blues for more than two decades. Originally from the North Texas area, Brent has been greatly influenced by the many great players originating from the Lone Star State. He toured Europe extensively for three years and was awarded as the Best Drummer in Germany, 1995. Brent has worked with organizations such as the USO and with other military morale support activities. Brent thrives on a heavy backbeat and playing deep in the pocket! ' Mike McNatt ' Bass Guitar Mike hails from the North Texas area and has been playing bass guitar, and rhythm for years. Through dedication, Mike has developed a rock solid bass and a sound that is highly appealing. His deep rhythm patterns are derived from his love of the blues and classic rock. Mike is an extremely flexible player that contributes to developing a tight rhythm section. Mike holds that repository of good will, which every band needs to succeed. ' ' ' ' ' '

About Us:

Formed in 1996 in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, Stampede is known for its innovative, urban-Tejano sound that respects tradition. For the 13-song Mejor Que Nunca, Stampede is giving its fans more of what they love plenty of original songs, including five written by lead vocalist and co-founder Alex De Leon. The first single, already serviced to radio, is Como Decirte Adios, a cumbia that is a heartbreak song, kind of written from experience, as Alex says with a chuckle. Mejor Que Nunca is Stampedes first album on Flomar Records, the up-and-coming Laredo-based label. Alex said he is impressed with Flomars artist-centric, hands-on way of doing things: The label is a lot like we are; they\'re willing to work and hustle and try to make a name for themselves. This album features a somewhat more Regional Mexican/cumbia flavor than previous CDs such as mame and Avanzando, but lovers of Stampedes puro Tejano polkas and rancheras will find plenty of great new material to savor. Alex gained notice among the Latin music industry not just for his excellent voice, but also for his romantic, but realistic songwriting on hits such as the rancheras Otra Vez and Amame. In addition, the group had a hit with their remake of the genre classic Don Luis el Tejano. The charismatic Alex was voted by his peers as the Rising Star (Male) of the Year in 2000, for the 21st Annual Tejano Music Awards, and in 2002, Stampede as a group was awarded Rising Star of the Year at the Tejano Music Awards. Co-founders Ray Sifuentes (accordion, bajo sexto, backing vocals) and Alex say their artistic chemistry and mutual respect have kept them working together and kept things fresh for the past nine years. For Tejano to remain innovative, Alex feels strongly that artists need to reach out to audiences wherever they are and showcase their versatility with Tejano and Regional Mexican styles. Its not what you would call crossing over; its more like showcasing your talents to the public, Alex says. It does take a little change in your music, but its really about displaying your talent. The rest of Stampede is: Adrian Cabello (keyboards/accordion); Mylo Ramrez (bass); Duran Bermea (drums); Joshua Ramrez (guitar).