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About Us:

THE NIGHT MOVE BAND is a high energy Variety/Dance Band based in Taylorsville, NC. The band plays your favorite dance songs from the 60?s to today?s hits. Playing R&B, Beach, Funk, R&R, and Country the band is sure to get any audience up and dancing. Everything the band does on stage is directed toward getting the audience involved. Audience participation, expert musicianship, song selection, and the fact that these guys love what they do is reflected in every show. Five guys just out having fun at Corporate Events, Weddings, Festivals, Private Parties, Country Clubs, and anywhere people want to dance and have a great time that?s where you will find The Night Move Band. Don?t take chances on the entertainment for your next important event hire the band that will deliver what you?re looking for The Night Move Band. It?s all about having a good time and that?s what you?ll get with The Night Move Band.

About Us:

The Wayne Leechford Trio is a jazz combo featuring Wayne Leechford on saxophones. His group plays a diverse mix of traditional jazz standards and modern, funky jazz. It's the perfect addition to any kind of fun social event, dinner party, or reception.

About: Wayne Leechford is a multi-instrumental musician and music instructor based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He holds Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the North Carolina School of the Arts. He has played music professionally for over 20 years. He has extensive studio recording experience and has been featured on many commercially released recordings over the years. His sax playing was featured in the film trailer for Warner Brothers, "The Whole Nine Yards". He performed for President Bill Clinton at the White House in 1995. His appearances have included live television and radio broadcasts. In addition, he has performed for many musical theater productions.

About Us:

It was a quiet night. The earth was spinning on its axis, traveling merrily through the cosmos. The lonesome hoot of a barn owl could be heard in the distance and the same played-out songs were streaming over and over across the airwaves. That's when David Downing, founding member of Lab Ratz said, "Stop! Something has to change!" Not being a god, or even a demigod, there's was nothing he could do about the workings of the universe. Not that he really wanted to. He enjoyed breathing too much. And the mating call of the owl was, in its own eerie way, soothing. But that harsh jangle popular culture now called music, that raucous racket that seemed to say nothing yet say it so there was something he could change! And so it began; an experiment with the bold goal of rejuvenating an industry and uniting a generation. Since that fateful night, Lab Ratz, a 5-piece musical tour de force out of the heart of North Carolina, have set about enlightening listeners with their unique blend of rock, country and roots music. With lyrical imagery that conjures Dylan and Cash, melodies and arrangement that range from downright folksy to in-your-face and a touch of impishness that can only be described as Zappa-esque, the group has put together a repetoire of original compositions that crosses genres like the Concorde crosses the Atlantic ... with ease and flair. It's music that is timeless and never out of place. Whether played acoustically in a cozy bistro or presented in all its glory and amped thunder in a coliseum, it is a force to be reckoned with. As one listener- turned-fan said, "It moves me. It makes me FEEL." Lab Ratz - a band for all occasions, for all people, for all time.

About Us:

Sai Collins shares his positive musical energy through his Acoustic/ Alternative /Folk Rock sound. His true intent is to let you feel where he is coming from emotionally through the stories and messages that make his music so powerful. With the release of his New Album - "through my eyes," Sai Collins has performed well over 120 Live shows in a variety of venues, Clubs, Record Stores, Music Lounges and Cafes on the East Coast from NJ to SC, in 2005 alone. His raw acoustic style, energy and presence has afforded him the opportunity to appear in respected independent music magazines. Sai Collins was reviewed by Encore Mag and Line-Up magazines multiple times within a six month period. His music has reached and been embraced by listeners of all ages. His sound has proven to be a bridge of positivity and peace between all ages and races. "Sai Collins writes and sings songs of compassion for those who think they have less. But Sai is definitely not a victim of the road. He walks his path with clarity and confidence obvious good will to all he meets... The same Saturday night I took a friend to the Soapbox Laundro Lounge to hear Sai play with his band Sai Collins &the Getaway drivers. Sai stood radiantly up on the downstairs stage, with bass guitarst Eric Vithalani and drummer Dan Maggio. Sai's fans clapped and whistled and yelled out kudos of appreciation. From "Through my eyes," his new CD, Sai sang "Won't you save me," "Freedom Sliders," "Scarlet Butterfly" and "Missing Faces." - (part of an Encore Pub article.) Between the years of 1992 and 2005 Sai Collins has grown to become one of the finest alternative/ folk rock artist today. With his sound being compared to amazing artist such as Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman and Dave Matthews, Sai definitely has displayed his musical talent in an inspiring way as well and continues to do so. He has received great support and show attendance from friends and fans as he has traveled the East Coast U.S.A. "There are far too many things working against the unity of humankind, such things create the very issues that divide us. But my intention is to use my musical energy to unite and draw people together to promote a positive spirit that heals." -Sai Collins