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About Us:

***We Perform @ Bars,Private and Corporate Parties, and Weddings/Cocktail Hours as a Solo, Duo, or Trio and can have a Saxaphone Accompany any event*** The Jamie Brown Experience is a mixture of spirited exuberance and savvy experience. Known around the shore for our original and unique line-up, our outfit caters to many genres and bands that fans love to hear. JBE's style has been described as an acoustical jamband, stemming out of the rock/reggae sound. Our live performances have become our staple, developing a style that incorporates inventive medleys each night. At any given show, fans can expect to hear everything from classic rock artists, such as Bruce, Billy Joel, the Stones, Beatles, and the Dead, to modern top 40 bands, like Jack Johnson, Sublime, Dave Matthews, Gavin Degraw, the Killers, and the Fray. Taking covers and adding our own touch to the song, in turn, makes it one of our own. Our following has grown accustomed to our style of play, watching us segue in and out of tunes all night long. In fact, they request our famous medley style at each of our shows. A great example would be our medley, The Joker>40 oz. to Freedom>Bubbletoes or Steal My Kisses>Stir it Up. Feeding of the success of the acoustical duo, Seeing Double, Dave Darrar and I established throughout the Jersey shore over the past 5 years, JBE has developed a jam band sound that keeps crowds on their feet for the night on its own. This style doesn't need sequences or tracks to support its sound. It's pure, unadorned, and very musical. Some of the Jersey shore's finest professional musicians have consistently worked alongside me, adding raw instrumentation and vocals to an already genuinely original sound. Frank Restivo is an established bassist/vocalist who was laying the bass lines for the band formerly known as Mr. Habit. Frank's innovative style brings rock, reggae, blues, soul and many other sounds to the mix. To complete the band, Drew Bramley, a highly toted percussionist/drummer from the Jersey shore, was brought into the Experience. Drew began outfitting himself in several original bands before jumping into the cover band scene. Adding multiple blends of rock, reggae, ska, jazz, funk and other styles, Drew rounds out the Jamie Brown Experience . JBE brings a soothing, beach sound to the people of the Jersey shore. I, myself, bring husky, heartfelt vocals to every song I sing. These vocals are complemented by a consistent 6/12 string guitar, and at times, the hypnotic rhythms of the harmonica. With Frank and Drew's help, I consistently perform in solo, duo and trio outfits, successfully, on a weekly basis throughout the year. The Jamie Brown Experience has been rapidly adding to its fan base and repertoire since its inception in October, 2006. Our playing is best suited for the Jersey shore. One fan said, "The Jamie Brown Experience sounds like summertime." I couldn't have said it better. Rather than book a "run-of-the-mill" band, take a chance on the Jamie Brown Experience. We are available for bars, private and corporate parties, and weddings. I have been a solo acoustic act for cocktail hours for the last 8 years myself. You and your regulars will realize it’s the weekend and you won't be disappointed. Jamie, Frank & Drew

About Us:

Greetings from The Sound Odyssey Band! Want to ensure that your next event is a RAGING SUCCESS' Then GO ON A SOUND ODYSSEY! For your most cherished occasions, including wedding receptions, banquets, corporate events or private parties of any kind, SOUND ODYSSEY DELIVERS! Serving all of NJ, metropolitan NY, CT, PA and beyond. We are a high-quality, high-energy, professional 6-piece ensemble, all hailing from the metropolitan NY-NJ area. We cover popular music from every notable era, style and genre from as far back as the 1940's, right up to the hits of the present day. Rock, Classic Rock, Pop & Top-40, Jazz, Samba, Waltz, Novelty, Line-Dance, Rhumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, Big-Band ----- we cover it all, and play something for virtually everyone at your affair! We'll tailor the music to your event. (And, we easily tailor our sets for nightclub, hotel, lounge or restuarant settings!) For our musicians, music is not a 'hobby', but a true calling. Individually & collectively, we have well over 100 years of experience entertaining people via LIVE MUSIC, from every background, and for every budget!