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About Us:

My King's Ransom was born when four musicians and a piano prodigy came together, offering one another the creative freedom to create music without hesitation - to explore the possibility of rising above self criticism and into a realm where anything is possible. What they discovered through their journey was a harmonious connection among them. Long time guitarist Darryl Maihori, his son, Clancy Maihori on piano / saxophone / violin, with lead vocalist / songwriter / acoustic guitarist Jason Robeck, drummer Mike Butler and newest member bass player Kyle Armitage have a connection most artists long for. That connection can be heard and felt throughout the array of musical styles in this album. From folk rock, Alternative to hip hop, My King's Ransom commands attention. While playing together in the studio brings delight to listeners and this group of musicians, playing live is where they're able to create an experience that goes deeper than the music.