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About Us:

Harry Nino, Known as “Harry O”, formed the Blues band “Oysters Rockefeller.” The band has an extensive history based in the city of Springfield, IL. He was born in New York City in 1950 and was raised in Harlem, where his parents had a modest “rent controlled” apartment. At the age of 13, “Harry O” taught himself how to play guitar by listening to 45's and following along on sheet music, using the chord diagrams that most provided. On an average non-school day, he would practice as much as 8-13 hours. Four years later, all that practicing paid off, when “Harry O” was asked to join a popular R&B band based in the south Bronx. “The Shock Waves” not only played all of the top paying High School dances and proms but also private parties, and a few clubs in a 90 mile radius of the city. By the 1970's, “Harry O” was a regular at the east village blues jams being held at “Broadway Charlie’s” and “Dan Lynch’s”; sitting in with some of New York’s better known blues guitarists such as, Jonathan Kalb and Jon Paris. Harry’s own band, “Highh”, was a high energy blues-rock trio featuring “Speedy” Graves on the drums, and his younger brother Marlin on bass. Marlin, now a top studio musician in New York, went on to join “The Tony Williams Lifetime” and has traveled extensively with Stanley Clark. “Harry O” went on to join a local rock band, “Turn Down B’way” and although they managed to secure two recording contracts in a 4 year period, the band broke up. “Harry O” continued to survive through a number of “day gigs”, including: working as a taxi driver, doing guitar sales & repairs, setting up equipment at studios, and doing deliveries for a messenger service. In 1978, “Harry O” joined “The New York Sound Exchange”, a show and dance band that played hotel lounges 6 nights a week, 48 weeks a year, all over the country. In 1982 “Harry O” settled in Milwaukee, where he worked with “Gene and the Soul Gang” for a year before he started “The Harry Nino Band.” Milwaukee’s blues jams gave him an opportunity to perfect his fluid, classic “Chicago Blues” guitar style. On any given Sunday, Harry could be seen at the “Up & Under Pub” trading licks with some of the city’s better blues players: harmonica master, Jim Liban; keyboardist, Junior Brantley of “Roomful of Blues”, & “The Fabulous Thunderbirds”; Albert King’s guitarist, Willie Higgins and of course Johnny Winters’ bassist, Jon Paris. After a few years, “Harry O” went back on the road with a succession of Top 40 dance bands but never lost sight of his blues roots. In 1990, he again settled down, this time in Springfield, IL, where the “Blue Monday jam” at “Bruce’s Tavern” led him to a steady gig playing guitar for legendary “Sun” recording artist, Eddie Snow. Two years later he formed “Oysters Rockefeller” and that band was working a 3-5 night a week schedule in no time. In 1995, a grant from The Illinois Arts Council allowed the band to record the first of two critically acclaimed CD’s. In 1996, “Harry O” started a “Blues in the Schools” program in the 186 school dist. with funding from the musicians union. The year 2000 marked the beginning of a two year stay in Chicago, where he had the opportunity to share the stage with such blues notables as: Chico Banks, The Belaires, Billy Branch, Phil Guy and the Machine, Michael Hill’s Blues Mob, Willie Kent and the Gents, Johnnie Marshall, John Primer, and Sonny Rhodes. He returned to Springfield in 2002 to play with the original members of Oysters Rockefeller and record a new CD. “Harry O” recently moved to Branson, MO where he has finished rehearsing the latest edition of Oysters Rockefeller and is currently booking the band.

About Us:

BIG RUMOR is a 5 piece hard hitting Rock Band, playing hits from the 70s, 80s, 90 s, and current with Plenty of Energy ! Keeping things mostly danceable and lively, Big Rumor packs a punch with their energizing set of classic and current Hits.

About Us:

The Hatch When was the last time that you were rocked' Rocked so hard that you knew any more rock would be unsafe. It was probably the last time you saw The Hatch. The St. Louis-based four piece takes pride in taking their fans to the limit of rock. Formed by guitarist/singer Jesse Macht, keyboardist/singer Sean Douglas, and bassist Todd Rubin in the Fall of 2001, The Hatch began as a nameless trio of high-school graduates from Los Angeles eager to play music. At school in St. Louis, the three began writing songs and performing them acoustically at small venues around St. Louis. But after a few months, they realized that they were missing one crucial ingredient: rock. So in February of 2002, they picked up a drummer, electrified their music, and named themselves Sidehatch. From then, they began the long process of writing and rocking, writing and rocking, and more writing and rocking. In the Spring of 2002 they recorded their first set of demos, followed by another set in June. After playing a series of summer shows in Los Angeles, the boys returned to St. Louis. Soon thereafter, they parted on good terms with their original drummer, and picked up Austin Schumacher of Greenwich, CT. Along with a myriad of East-Coast slang, Austin brought funk-rock beats that the band had been searching for. Sidehatch shortened its name to The Hatch, and a new era of rocking began. Currently, the band is playing regular shows in both Los Angeles and St. Louis while quickly building a fan-base. The Hatch is also working on a self-produced EP expected for release this spring. So if you can't remember the last time you were truly rocked, you need to check out a live Hatch show. Be prepared, their rock is dangerous.

About Us:

Bring your venue or event the most cutting-edge sound from St. Louis...

Introducing Driver - a St. Louis band with limitless drive and potential, and a revolutionary style. Driver offers a sound like none other - cutting-edge modern rock with heart. The band is currently promoting their current single, 'Highway 61', along with other cuts from their forthcoming EP including 'Take Me' and 'She Loves Me'. The band is also taking the road for a multi-city promotional tour followed by a tour of the summer festival circuit. Driver is comprised of extremely talented veteran musicians from the St. Louis area.

CJ Smith - Lead Vocals

Ed Drayton - Guitar

Mike Hopp - Drums

John Lupton III - Bass

With their intense, new sound, stellar stage presence and live show, Driver is sure to appeal to many tastes. Check out their latest single 'Highway 61' and other tracks from their forthcoming EP, and be on the lookout for Driver on tour in a town near you throughout 2004.

Please contact us if you have any more questions are you're interested in a booking.

About Us:

We are a local STL all-inclusive community music and entertainment organization with the goal of lifting spirits and bringing people together through all forms of entertainment! Join us in lifting hearts one memory at a time. View us at

We are fully customizable and can tailor and cater to your wants, needs, goals, and desires! Whether we personally can provide the desired entertainment, we are well connected in the St. Louis community and with entertainers and organizations coast to coast.

We are a Veteran, minority, and 50% woman owned organization. Our diverse team of Stars allows us to work in various languages and with all backgrounds. Regarding the owners, Zyi Li, saxophonist and Webster/WashU alumni, was born here in St. Louis, went to Parkway North High School, and traveled the world playing with the Marine Corps band. Zyi met Jenny Wu, violinist who toured the world and played with award winning artists, in Washington D.C., while she was managing top entertainment agencies in the Washington D.C. area. View our entire bios at the bottom of this website link:

When we moved home to St. Louis in 2020, we created this organization to up the level of live entertainment in the area. Our organization offers all-inclusive services to make any event special. We regularly perform and rehearse together to ensure genuine dynamic energy with every show. We have various live music lineups to choose from with all live instruments/performers and also tracks as requested. We also offer additional services, as noted below, to make event coordination more fluid and special, and to guarantee that perfect day.

Below is a list/examples of our relevant services:

  • Solo/duet/small instrumental ensembles in every genre (MO SOLO
  • Brass band playing an assortment of songs from second line Mardi Gras favorites to modern covers of today (MO ECHO
  • Full band with multiple vocalists, full rhythm section, strings, and horns playing every genre from jazz to r&b to rock (MO BRAVO
  • A full multi-media team to provide photography and videography (MO MACRO
  • An ethnic Chinese Lion Dance team providing exciting traditional parade dance (MO COMBO
  • We also provide DJ, karaoke, emcee, custom poetry, and general event hosting services (
  • We provide our own sound and lighting equipment.