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About Us:

Barry D. Long Jr. was born and grew up in Meridian, MS. When he was just 7 years young he was inspired by a major artist. The artist was a dancing, singing, and stage performer phenomenon. His name is Michael J. Jackson. When Barry was only 7 he started to dance a lot like him, mimicking his trademark dance moves. Barry later started entering talent shows and was blowing all of them out of the water. He became so good at this he later at the age of 18 looked into impersonating Michael Jackson. So he did small shows in his local area to start like The Boys and Girls Club, the Philadelphia Hard Rock Beach Club, and the annual Juneteenth special in Meridian. He later at the age of 21 got the break of his life time. He got a chance to perform in Phoenix, Arizona for a small impersonators show with other superstar impersonators. He now looks to move forward in doing this as a career to entertain everyone he can and to have a good time doing it.