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About Us:

It all started in 5th grade i was walking back from P.E. With a friend talking about music and all. She talked about her band. I talked about my dream to have one. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be just like my big brother John Obray. Then it hit me I'm not getting anywere dreaming about it I got to make it happen. So I asked my best friends Meghan & Alex Johnson, Kjersti Maday, Whitney Tonne. They all said yes sure of course. So our first ideal of a name was really corney. Soda-pop hey we were kids. So a few weeks later my brother John came over and I told him he was the only one that supported us. After I told him that he started talking to our mom. I went up stairs with his girlfriend's son. Then when he was done talking to our mom he came up stairs to get his girlfriend's son. We began to talk more than he said something we all can relate with but never think of it. John said " ya Katrina I don't think I could ever live in a world with out music". Well that Friday of that week me and my friend's were going to have are first band meeting and go see John and talk to him. It never happend. John my brother died in a single car accidant in front of my house that morning. We were all in great grief. Well we all got side tracked but everyone was more hardworking. Sometime in that change we changed the name to " Lost Hero's at School". We're back on track and We'er all happy. We got a slow start but like my big brother say's "I don't think I could live in a world with out music" yep John you're right about that none of us can.

About Us:

Welcome to the brand new home of TUMBLIN DICE, the greatest tribute to the greatest rock n' roll band in the universe, based out of Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota!! TUMBLIN DICE initially started out as a one night fund raiser for a local food shelf at the historic "Cabooze" in South Minneapolis seven years ago. This is the same venue that the Stones showed up to play an impromptu gig at after a concert in the late seventies, but declined to perform after seeing the size of the crowd on hand. Although the Stones never did play at the "Cabooze" , their music did make it to the stage when thirty five musicians took part in the performance of "Exile on Mainstreet", and exact replication of the Stone's landmark album in it's entirety. The response of those who attended was to demand an encore presentation, and a second show was organized, pared down to a group of eighteen. From there, evolution took over, the original show's songlist expanded, and the core group is now an eight piece unit that delivers the goods by playing the tunes the way you remember them, with all the raunch left in!