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About Us:

Out-Kri is A Christian Metal/Hard Rock Band.We Play All Origianl Songs. We Play Shows All over Ky., Ohio, Tennesse, Indiana ect... We Love To Play Cubs, Festivals, Youth Rallys, ect.

About Us:

Full Nelson is an original band out of Central Kentucky that has quickly found solid footing in the tri-state area and recently on an international plane. The last year has been freeway on-ramp with the pedal to the metal for this rockin' four piece. Realizing the need to bust out of thier hometown due to lack of accomidating venues everything fell into place. This line-up of local rock-n-roll mercenaries have been seen in the past in more than a few working local bands around the region, but have only recently come together to create this evergrowing powerhouse. One powerful mixture of Soulful, Guitar Driven, Southern Roots, and Rock and Roll anthems brings melodic life back to rock and roll songwriting. Eclectic influences like Black Sabbath, Lynard Skynard, Pink Floyd, SRV, Stone Temple Pilots, Dio and Prince helps to bring a certain mystique that still reminds you of home. Combining the art of ''less is more'' with a strong work ethic makes a great mixture of the old school with modern sound. Full Nelson cooks up a serious brew in thier style. Melodic hooks and thundering drums backing ominous grooves, four part harmonies and guitar resurrecting riffs that make for catchy, soulful, heavily addictive arena rocking tracks with big hooks and a spectacular live show. Right at the one year mark, this band created a sonically incredible 3 song demo in 15 hours at the studio to represent their musical prowess and direction. Due out soon, a full-length ''enhanced'' CD to show off the power of thier songwriting and jam abilities on a album the masses can listen to from beginning to end. The album will also contain a video for your viewing pleasure. All that with new fans in Finland, Germany and the UK will ensure an even more promising year to come. The power of Full Nelson is flexing, growing and creating a yet to be harnessed potential that no venue schedule should be without.