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About Us:

Experience the music of Nordene Simon; a clash of neo-soul, inspirational gospel, alternative rhythms, and introspective lyrics. Dynamic and captivating, her music lifts the spirit and engages the mind. Through thought provoking lyrics, Nordene provides a revealing self-portrait as well as a mirror to our own souls. Nordene’s first solo appearance was at the age of 11; a pivotal performance that defined her as a true musical talent and unveiled her ability to connect with an audience. From singing in her elementary school choir at Holy Rosary, to singing with the Toronto Mass Choir, Nordene has followed her heart and made music her passion and her calling. A true song bird, Nordene sings about the importance of friends, the love of family, the rewards and heartaches of life’s journey, and the eternal goodness of God. Over the years Nordene has honed her gift as a member of various choirs and has sung for many diverse audiences. Whether she is performing at a church coffee shop, a drop in center or at the Toronto International Jazz Festival, she never fails to capture the attention of all in attendance. Listeners are drawn in by the honesty and candidness of her music and equate her sound to living poetry. Nordene has worked with many contemporary gospel artists including Mark Masri, Diane Clemmons and Aileen Lombardo. She has contributed her voice to three Toronto Mass Choir albums, including their Juno award winning album entitled Instrument of Praise where she appeared as principal soloist on the songs “Thank You” and “Higher Ground” Despite her outlet, Nordene’s goal remains the same; to reach out to as many people as possible, to share God’s message, and to celebrate life.

About Us:

This band is comprised of a group of young guys from NORWAY. The band is named after their singing drummer, Bård Henrik Hereide. They met at a music college in Norway, which promptly ended up in a concert tour of Norway. The group won a talent prize at Skånevik Bluesfestival, the prize money was then used in a recording studio to produce their first CD. in 2006, they played at the biggest Blues Festival in Norway, at Notodden. There they played on the same stage as Johnny Winter and The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Hereide and the Bluesgangster have also played support band for,PAUL RODGERS Pretty Things, Tommy Kristiansen and Hungry John.

About Us:

Think Alternative Rock with melodic hooks, integrating some Classic Rock influences and creating a five-star production of technical skill and awe-inspiring performance! It's ROCK EUPHORIA! littleSUNDAY Biography: In today’s world of interchangeable bands with copy-cat styles, people are on the lookout for fresh and original music. They want songs with refrains that will echo in the mind, lyrics that aren’t taken from a teenager’s diary, and a vocalist with a distinct sound that becomes the band’s signature. In the past that was commonplace, but recently, formula has surpassed creativity. The prolific words of Sam Cooke declared “a change is gonna come.” It’s time for that change, and littleSUNDAY is at the forefront. The Toronto area quartet’s lead vocals and rhythm guitar are mastered by frontman Rick Farrell. The rest of the band is comprised of JP handling lead guitar duties as well as backing vocals, Mario Stamegna on bass and backing vocals, and Eric Bonatti adding the drums and percussion to the mix. littleSUNDAY formed during the early part of the decade in a twist of fate that would rival what any fiction writer could create. By chance, Rick attended the show of a band that JP, Mario, and Eric were involved in, and the lead singer was in-absentia. Rather than cancel the appearance, the band requested someone to come on stage and help out, and Rick was the one that answered the call. The rest, as they say, is history. The group has experimented with various genres, and in the end melded all of their influences into the radio-friendly alt-rock sound they possess today. It is one that will easily fit with Canadian artists that are popular today, as evidenced by their recent pairings with comparative acts such as Thornley, Default, Suzie McNeil, Edwin, Honeymoon Suite, See Spot Run, Jonas, and Econoline Crush. Make no mistake that littleSUNDAY is a strictly commercial band though, as their music brings something to the table for everyone: crunching guitar riffs and a solid drum attack for the rock purists, poignant lyrics to draw in the sentimentalists, and hooks that catch the attention of all those in between. Their tracks do not alienate nor exclude listeners. The band’s approach has become to create a common ground, and taking everything into consideration…mission accomplished. Their discography is evidence of this. Day of Hollow, their 2003 release, reveals a harder edged flair, but as the band evolved, they dipped into the alt-pop scene on 2006’s Cross the Line. While both releases were regional successes and garnered industry attention, these talented musicians realized they needed to solidify their sound, merging the rock with the pop, and the result is a revitalized and innovative style sure to put this band on the map outside of their home base. One listen to current tracks such as “It’s My Life” and “Too Late” exemplify this new direction, and it cannot be denied that this band has taken all of their collective experience and grown into a force to be reckoned with inside the musical arena. The last few years have brought much positive progress. littleSUNDAY unleashed their latest CD, Wait For Tomorrow, across Canada, with the title track being serviced to major stations throughout the country. Prior to that, they worked with Yahoo! Music Canada, and in 2008 signed a one year distribution deal in Canada. This year also saw the band included in appearances such as the Burlington Sound of Music Festival, Y108 Get Hammered Picnic, the Beaches Festival in Port Colborne, Toronto IndieWeek, and the Cravefest Film Festival. Adding to the littleSUNDAY advancement was an endorsement by Dot On Shaft Guitars, a company noted for their stellar workmanship and their crafting of some of the finest musical instruments. There is no doubt that their burgeoning success will shatter stereotypes and increase their already growing fan base. The accolades they’ve received already are proof positive that they deserve more than just casual consideration. From inclusion on numerous compilation CDs, rotation airplay on various radio stations, endorsements by highly respected instrument companies, and a recently inked distribution deal, it is readily apparent that people are taking notice. Is the “next big thing” littleSUNDAY? Some questions in life are tough to answer, but this one is easy – unequivocally yes! What's in store for 2009? littleSUNDAY is ready to unleash a new seven song EP titled, "Let it All Out!" It's a stimulating collection of rock tunes tightly wrapped in pure attitude and raw musical power! So the question of the year is, "Are you Ready for the Big Show?" Instrumentation * RICK ::: LEAD VOCALS / GUITAR * JP ::: LEAD GUITARS / BACKING VOCALS * ERIC ::: DRUMS / PERCUSSION * MARIO ::: BASS GUITAR / BACKING VOCALS Discography 2009 - "Let It All Out" (7-song EP) 2007 - "Wait For Tomorrow" (Full Length CD) 2006 - "Cross The Line" (5-song EP) 2003 - "Day Of Hollow" (Full Length CD)

About Us:

Local Toronto artist and drummer Fedorsen meets ex-pat Vancouver rock prodigies Kolk and Mousseau slogging Bach fugues and ii-V-i's at U of T music. Unlikely pairings mix personal tastes of Bjork, Radiohead, Miles Davis and Buxtehude with the virtuosity and bravado of Freddie Mercury, Bonham, Cedric Bixler, Eddie Van Halen and Geddy Lee to form a modern day power trio. Named after a former Prime Minister, who was known as much for his penchant for seance as he was for his slow and steady policy, Mackenzie King is more than your average two chord wonders. These boys can really serve it up.