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About Us:

Stardust specializes in nostalgia by recreating the music of the 1920s through the 1950s. Their bright vocal blend, creative choreography and lively dialogue have delighted audiences throughout Chicago and across the nation. Their show is reminiscent of the golden age of radio and the exciting, elegant days of the silver screen. Inspired by the Andrews, Boswell and McGuire Sisters, Stardust presents a lively, entertaining show with dreamy harmonies as tight as they come.

About Us:

Centerline does more than play music...they bring the PARTY! Centerline is an interactive band that Party's with the crowd, nobody gets left out at this show.. It's all about having if you want your venue to be better than average...' CENTERLINE will give your event memories for a life time. If you want people to dance, you want CENTERLINE No dissapointments here ever! These guys are very professional as well as being seasoned musicians. With Centerline people are left saying.....WOW! These guys really ROCKED! And Entertain......'' Thats just what they do!

About Us:

Located in Chicago, but born in Texas! Plazer is playing the best Tejano sounds and keeping Tejano Music alive in the Midwest! Plazer is 11 members strong and putting out the best in Chicano Sounds with real brass section! Eddie Acevedo, Owner, Manager, Bass and Vocals has put Plazer together with it's original sounds. Eddie has been in the music industry for over 30 years and has owned and managed his own bands ever since. Plazer is hitting the Midwest area with great original hits with his brand new brass sections, as well as some "Golden Oldies". Sounds of Latin Breed, Jessy Serrata, Los Chachos, and Mazz have never been forgotten and Eddie is making sure of that!