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About Us:

IN 1999 Buck Storm entered the international music scene with his debut CD, "Goodbye from Venus". The album immediately began receiving outstanding reviews from critics worldwide. With his songs delving deep into the American landscape, Buck's writing garnered accolades from behind-the-scene legends like Pete Anderson, long time producer and guitarist for Dwight Yoakum, and from major-market radio station music directors such as Mike Dawson of KTYD in Santa Barbara, and Jim Villanueva of KLOS in Los Angeles. Jim says, "With his songs served up like mini-musical epics, Buck has the vocal presence and songwriting vision to be included in the next incarnation of The Traveling Wilburys." Buck's songs tell stories. His writing has been compared in style to that of Bruce Springsteen, Keith Greene, Steve Earle, and Bob Dylan to name a few. In the music you see the weathered, lined, but ever-hopeful face of the American dreamer. He may have seen a lot of miles, but his eyes are bright and his boots are shined. We walk the often long road to redemption in songs like These Sinner's Hands and More of you. You see small towns and big dreams in songs like Trailer Full of Crosses and George Jones' Ghost, or maybe the dark part of the road in songs like The End of the Day. "We've all got our bright shining faces and the demons that haunt us," says Buck. "People seem to relate to these stories". In November 2000, Buck and his family relocated from Santa Barbara, California to a turn of the century farmhouse in Northern Idaho. There, he wrote and recorded his second CD, "A Wretch Like Me". 2003 saw yet a third full length CD release with "All of God's Angels". "A lot has changed in my life since I recorded my first record", Buck says. "Looking back it seems to me that, although I was a Christian, I made it my daily practice to sell out Jesus Christ for Buck Storm". "Well, now I want and need to sell out Buck Storm for Jesus Christ....everyday, every hour, He is all!" Although Buck has shared the stage with some of the world's greatest songwriters and performers, you could say that his vision of performing music has changed dramatically . "My prayer is that this can be a ministry, not just another show" says Buck. "I want people to see that Jesus is the only star. Christ was a radical. He loved people for who they were, not for what they had to offer. Lord, give me a heart like that!". Buck plays live throughout America, in venues that range anywhere from small rooms, to churches, to concert halls. When not traveling, Buck serves as worship leader at Calvary Chapel Rathdrum Prairie in Rathdrum, ID. Whether you catch him in an intimate setting or large venue, you will be touched. Buck's music style has been described in a lot of ways, from Americana to Gospel to Alternative-Country. Whatever you decide to call it, sit back and enjoy the scenery. It's worth it!