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About Us:

How many bands that were started in 1972 out there are still alive and playing' How many bands out there have both, a father and a son teamed up to make music' How many bands out there can still rock-n-roll' There is at least one: The Seventh Season. The Seventh Season was established in 1972. Led by Yuri Batygin, in the years 1972-1975 the band performed at various stages, trying to find it's own sound. From 1976 to1979 the band spent their time mostly recording numerous songs in their home studio. The Seventh Season restarted again in 1998. In its current form, The Seventh Season has been around since the spring of 2001. Consisting of three members, the band decided to record a full-length EP prior to any other action. They released their first CD, "Fall Within" in March 2003. The CD quickly made it to and started getting airplay at radio stations and reviews by various magazines. In 2006 they released DVD "Transposition" with live concert performed on 23 February 2006 in Emeryville College for Digital Arts, CA. In 2007 they released their second CD "Liquid Water". Along with the traditional rock sound, one can determine a very unique, unusual tone, which the band members fished out from their own experiences, creating a completely fresh array of rock music. There is reflection of the most popular rock'n'roll sound of the last 40 years, transformed into an extremely modern expression. This rare variation is due to the band's specific sound selection. The members of The Seventh Season can surprise us with their original songs, in which they easily switch from the energetic fulfillment of rock'n'roll to the sad and touchable, slow and melodic rock songs. Every performance of The Seventh Season has turned out to fulfill the audience's need for a real show with all the elements of great professionalism, amazingly joyful and refreshing music, and the band members' remarkable presence on the stage.

About Us:

A versatile band with a repertoire ranging from soft blues standards to face melting double guitar attack anthems. Whatever realm of rock you are searching for, Cashdown can comply. A large arsenal of original music combined with a stock supply of catchy and well loved cover songs from many areas of rock allows you to select a set list that caters to your tastes. Cashdown consists of: Codi Binkley: Vocals Zakk Murphy: Bass Gabe Brueske: Guitar Ray Masterson: Guitar Dave Farina: Drums

About Us:

Hollywood Trash has been baffling the unwashed masses with the overwhelming power of their loosely harnessed chaos for little more than a year, but already the screams of ecstasy can be heard rippling the Los Angeles night every time they book a new show. No amount of hyperbole, no stereo microgroove recording, can prepare you for the amount of unbridled kickass in a Hollywood Trash live set. Lucky for all of us, they play out in the LA area quite frequently, having become a major draw on the Hollywood "Strip" and throughout Southern California. Come see them, and change your life forever. Assembled by a secret panel of the world elite, the Hollywood Trash creative team bio reads like a litany of cool: Bob Quinn, genetically engineered in an underground lab somewhere under Wisconsin for the sole purpose of lead guitar, is a super soldier of rock. Phil Broste was raised by wolves in the wild country near Bemidji, MN, and delights in howling lead vocals, playing rhythm guitar, and feasting upon the blood of the pious. Matt DeNoto was trained since birth in the art of drumming by Shaolin Monks somewhere on the East coast. Tim Carras tripped and fell on a bass at some point. Together, they create a hard edged blend of metal, punk, rockabilly, and blues that sounds like the best rock music you've ever heard... times one hundred. Have pity upon the mortals who stand in their way.