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About Us:

SOULCATCHER is an eleven year music partnership between Tim Hern and Leslie Gray which resulted in a premier blues and blues driven rock acoustic duo. A recent addition is a trio with Leslie's childhood friend and world renowned bassist Mahlon Hawk. The name reflects our goal of capturing your emotions and passions. Our visions and stories are shared through our music and storytelling. Take a journey with us as we lay it down for you. We perform for Concerts, Conventions, Festivals, Country Clubs, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Anniversaries, Grand Openings, Picnics, Tailgate Parties, Birthday Celebrations, TV, Radio and General Entertainment Events. Performing original compositions and cover songs. We are available to travel anywhere, helping you provide world class entertainment for your entertainment needs. Please check out our duo and trio fade in fade out demo of eight songs, the last duo song (fourth song) is an original composition. All selections recorded live. Contact to arrange shows and have wonderful events with business associates, friends and family! After all, that's what we're here for! To enjoy memorable times with those we care about!

About Us:

Element 115 originally formed in 1995 as an all original act in the Phoenix area. Personnel changes occurred shortly after forming, and the new group quickly recognized that the audience was most responsive (and got up and danced) when the classic-rock tunes they loved were played. This newer line-up appreciated that response and began focusing on re-creating the tracks that were popular, but not over-played by the radio stations in the '70s and '80s when those songs were originally released. Over the years, the position of drummer seemed to be the hardest to keep in place, and the search for an extraordinary beat keeper ensued. While listening to some signals from a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program, the guitar player discovered an intelligent message coming from space. Tracking that signal to its source, AL, a being from a world 40 light-years from Earth, was found to be the originator of that message. AL had been listening to Earth's radio signals for some time and heard some rock music from the '70s and '80s. He was immediately motivated to create a drum set and start playing along. He sent a message back to Earth hoping one of these bands would hear him and let him join. Naturally, AL got the position of drummer with the band, and the line-up of Element 115 was solidified. Using a tacheon-beam technology from his home world, AL plays with the Earthers of the band wherever they entertain. Element 115 is ready with a complete stage, sound reinforcement, and lightshow for any event, large or small. From corporate celebrations to weddings, birthday bashes to high-school reunions, Element 115 has the song list (Boston, Styx, Kansas, Tubes, Steve Miller, Bad Company, Eagles, and dozens more) and ability to get attendees singing, dancing, and having a great time. In fact, the band GUARANTEES a memorable event when they play.

About Us:

Str8Up Band Str8Up Band is a high energy dance band dazzling audiences in the Southwest from Phoenix & Tempe, Arizona, to Southern California, New Mexico and Colorado . Str8Up has a colorful collage of some of Phoenix's finest musicians. Unlike most bands, this group has not one, but five lead vocalists and each specializes in a different genre of music. Band members pride themselves on the fact that they make their visual impressions as important as their sound. Fans love the way Mary Hurtado & Happy Frejo choreograph their contagious dance rhythms. It's their way of promoting audience participation. They perform a diverse range of tunes from their experiences of growing up as young Hispanics. They are not limited to one category of music; in fact, in Spanish alone they are able to perform at least five different styles, from Tejano, Cumbias, Salsa, Merengue to Rock En Espanol. In English, they groove to everything from R&B/Funk, Disco, Rock, Jazz, Country, and Top40 ('70's, 80's, 90's and today). Str8Up Band play music we were raised on because it is a part of our Chicano culture and who we are today. "We know our audience will understand and appreciate that," Mary Hurtado says. The band's musical and stylistic elements, especially Mary, Happy, Carlos and Manny's distinctive vocals and the band's superior musicianship, make Str8Up songs instantly recognizable and danceable. The members come from all parts of the country, from Michigan to Oklahoma, and come together as friends and a band to play all styles of music: therefore, upon designing the group's format, they each have stayed true to their musical roots and combined different influences. The name Str8Up says it all. Born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in South Phoenix, Rick Garcia began forming the current Str8Up Band eight years ago. Rick recruited some of the best musicians from the Phoenix metro area. Among the ingredients that stand out in Str8Up's style is their ablity to keep any party going! A combination of great music and a fun atmosphere can make any occasion one of the best times that you will ever experience! Always giving there best performances and growing as artists, Str8Up Band continues to deliver songs that keep people dancing, no matter where they are. With this kind of commitment, Str8Up carves their own niche. As Garcia puts it, "playing the music we love, is the beginning of our dreams and will try to take our brand of Latin/Funk/R&B music as far as we can go".