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About Us:

Howlin' Waters has played from coast to coast, as well as in Japan. A seasoned club veteran, Howlin' has shared stage & studio with Canned Heat, Steppenwolf, Humble Pie and Hank Williams, Jr.

Coming to Austin during the 1980's Stevie Ray Vaughan/Fabulous Thunderbirds Blues-Rock boom, Howlin' captures the classic sound of that era, with comments such as "authentic" and "the real deal" heard regularly at Howlin' Waters shows.

Established in 2012, Howlin' Waters has released (9) albums on Falcon Blues Records label, played more than 1,000 Texas shows, and is known for:

- Booking shows & always arriving, setting up & playing on-time

- Playing a professional show, with set lengths geared toward customer retention

- Encouraging customer patronage (buy drinks, food, take care of wait-staff, etc.)

- Dress professionally on stage in accordance w/venue clientele

Howlin' Waters currently plays throughout Central Texas, pleasing audiences and winning over new fans every show!


Stevie Ray Vaughan/Double Trouble, ZZ Top, The Red Devils, Backdoor Slam, The Black Keys, Izzy Stradlin & The Juju Hounds, Jack White, The Black Crowes, Keith Richards & The Xpensive Winos, Davy Knowles, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, Eric Clapton, Beck-Bogert-Appice, Cactus, Savoy Brown, Foghat, The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart & The Faces, Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, Bo Diddley, Albert King, Freddy King, Captain Beefheart, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Steamhammer, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Classic Soul/R&B music ... (Howlin' Waters SOLO show)

About Us:

The Allen Oldies Band is an outfit dedicated to living and playing the dance wonders of the Sixties Hit Parade. Songs from an age when soda jerks were employable, letter jackets were not an option for the chess team, and Cadillacs had eight cylinders. A full-flavored band, The Allen Oldies Band covers all the bases, from Tommy Roe to Petula Clark, with more appeal than the best chocolate malt in town.

The boys began mesmerizing audiences in 1996 and just two years later the Houston Press selected The Allen Oldies Band as Critic's Choice for Best Cover Band. The band adheres to a strict dress code at all performances and has never been asked to turn the volume down by anyone other than Allen.

The Allen Oldies Band is the perfect band to play at your wedding, party, or corporate event. A real hit on the fun run circut and a favorite at festivals and outdoor parties all over Texas, the Allen Oldies Band sure knows how to work a crowd. Everyone loves the oldies, and no one does the oldies better than the Allen Oldies Band.

About Us:

About Jean-Pierre Blanchard When I first began playing zydeco, the music was not widely known among the general American public, and there were not that many zydeco bands. In the years since, zydeco has become more popular, the number of zydeco bands has increased, and, as represented by some artists, the style of zydeco has changed. These days many zydeco fans are only familiar with the newer style of the music, usually played on the Cajun accordion, but I still play the older style that was established by Clifton Chenier years ago. I like the older style because the music has different beats and rhythms and it is played on the big accordion, which is not as musically limited as the Cajun accordion. Before Clifton Chenier passed on in 1987, I crossed paths with him many times and became friends with him. When we talked, we would speak in French. I spent a lot of time watching and listening to him play, too, studying his accordion technique and paying attention to how he led his band and captivated his audience. Clif was simply the best there ever was, and he will always be my main zydeco influence. I could play the newer styles, and I do occasionally perform on the Cajun accordion, but it’s the older style and the big accordion that really turn me on. To me, the older style of zydeco is like a trusted gumbo recipe—why change it? . Laissez Les Bon temps Rouler, Cher !! Jean-Pierre Blanchard

About Us:

Lauren Allain has been a prominent classical guitarist in the Austin area for the past two years. She has participated in numerous music festivals, master classes, and placed in music competitions as well as worked extensively as a private guitar instructor.