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About Us:

Mote is excited to announce the release of their debut album, Defying Ephemera, available on all major streaming platforms April 22.

This album demonstrates the talents of four college students: Ella Kasper, Jackson Galati, Chris Graff, and Fiona Celli. The group met on the campus of Binghamton University and have taken the local scene by storm; performing everywhere from college dining halls to moldy basements, yet bringing the same artistry and intensity to each performance. Defying Ephemera was recorded in nearby Johnson City with recording engineer Michael Micha at Abandoned Studios. Oli Bochenek and Will Person are also featured on the album.

Although not originally written as a concept album, Mote realized the songs Kasper and Galati brought to the band, when organized a certain way, did tell a story. The album starts with the promise and potential of young love, yet quickly devolves into heartbreak. As the album continues, the listener is brought into a world of anguish and confusion, culminating in the unhealthy longing expressed in the final track.

While the lyrics alone will take the audience on quite a trip, the instrumentation of these songs demonstrates the innovative nature of Mote. It would be hard to pick one genre to label this whole album. The umbrella of “alternative” does apply, but there is more going on here. Some songs are beautiful and melodic; employing elements from shoegaze and indie music. A song like “Clinomania” is a perfect example and is a crowd favorite to sing along to. Then there are the more abrasive punk inspired tracks, such as “I’m Lost”, that get live audiences jumping and moshing like mad. However, there are some songs on the album that push the conventions of rock music with their elements of the avant-garde. Most notably is the piece entitled “The Epistemic Limit”, but this can even be said about the title track.

Mote’s first gig following the release will be Saturday, April 23, at WHRW’s Moefest. They have several gigs in Upstate New York lined up before the semester ends including April 29 at the Bundy Museum in Binghamton and May 6 at Club Odyssey in Oneonta. Over the summer, Mote will be playing at various locations around the New York Metro Area.