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About Us:

My name is Marc Gunn. I play the autoharp and sing for our group. Andrew McKee is my fellow bard. He plays the recorder, mandolin, and sings too.

We are The Original Celtic Renaissance performing music unlike anything you’ve heard before. Many of our songs are from Ireland and Scotland, others are popular at Renaissance Festivals. Our sound is like a romantic musical comedy. And since 1999, we’ve played over a thousand performances and get over 1000 people listening to our music daily.We are also one of the most prolific folk music bands online.

We play mostly Celtic songs, on very unique instruments: the autoharp, recorder and mandolin. And we play every chance we get at Renaissance Festivals, on street corners, at Universities, in coffee houses, at weddings, Celtic music festivals, and in front of concert halls. You name it, we’ll be there. Sheesh! You’ll even find us in an office fixing your computer.

Despite our unique sound, we’ve been compared to such remarkable Celtic music groups as The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers, Incredible Strings Band, Phil Coulter, Martin Carthy, Dervish, The Fureys, Ewan MacColl, and the Wolf Tones. But our frequent performances at Renaissance festivals earned us the title "a Renaissance version of They Might Be Giants".

About Us:

Soft strains of a country crooner's twang spill out onto the empty sidewalk. Perched on a stool, the guy wrapped around his guitar is wearing a well-worn white cowboy hat. He picks, pretty well, but his vocals are stunning. Animated, articulate and crackling with emotion, it's hard to believe someone this good is performing in a place this small.

About Us:

Tom Green is a multifaceted professional entertainer whose pop-rock shows have been bringing audiences to their feet for over 15 years. His high energy sets featuring hits from stars like Robert Palmer, Elton John, Billy Joel, Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen have drawn cheers from Canada to Dixieland. Tom Green's growing national reputation is built on years of hard work in his home state. His dedication is paying off. Just ask his peers in WAMI (the Wisconsin Area Music Industry) who have voted Green Artist of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year and Stage Entertainer of the Year. Tom Green's credits reach across North America. Live concerts for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Half-time shows during National Football League games; classical singing with the Bel Canto Chorus and he was selected to perform as part of the backup chorus that performed with Luciano Pavorotti at the United Center in Chicago.

About Us:

Phares Corder Orchestra & Singers is a strong party band with a great amount of variety. This Dallas big band, party band, show band, swing band, dance band and concert band performs for some of the most prestigious functions in the Southwest.

About Us:

The driving force behind Houston Marchman is Houston?s ability to translate real life into music. Houston spent his formative years soaking up the sights and sounds of America?s heartland. Houston received his first guitar at the age of 5. Influenced by his musical grandfather and poetic grandmother, Houston wrote his first song at the age of 13. Today he continues to produce music both poetically humble and musically complex, creating music that honestly and vividly portrays life mixing the sounds of country, Texas folk, polka, conjunto and blues.

Described as a charming, passionate person by those close to him, Marchman is filled with humorous accounts and boundless energy connecting with audiences wherever he plays. His fans love the honesty of his music as well as his smoky character-filled voice. Houston ?s explains his philosophy of writing this way: ?The point is not to be creative but to be accurate in your experience and therefore you will be creative. Don ?t write what you think listeners want to hear, write what you know.? Mark Mundy of KNON in Dallas observes, ?It ?s this type of writing that is drawing attention to Marchman and his music. It ?s refreshing to hear a singer/songwriter who can paint a picture and make you fell like you are there.?