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Music from the 60’s, 70’s.

About Us:

When you come to see Crystal Visions perform, you're transported back to the golden era of rock and the ethereal sounds of Fleetwood Mac. Each concert is an immersive experience where the chemistry and magic of the original band are brought to life by the passionate performances of Barbie and Dan Firooz, along with their talented ensemble, including the powerhouse vocals of Kaitlyn Demastus as Christine McVie.

Audiences can expect a meticulously curated setlist featuring all the beloved classics, from "Dreams" to "Go Your Own Way," performed with authenticity and a deep respect for the original recordings. The stage presence of the band, led by the charismatic duo, captures the mystical aura of Stevie Nicks and the dynamic energy of Lindsey Buckingham, creating a nostalgic yet fresh experience.

For clients hiring Crystal Visions, the versatility of the band's lineup ensures a perfect fit for any event, from corporate functions and private parties to festivals and theatrical venues. Depending on your needs, the band can scale up to include a richer sound with saxophones, additional backing vocals, and more, ensuring a full, rich sound that captivates and delights any audience.

In addition to stellar live performances, professionalism in every aspect of the engagement is a hallmark of Crystal Visions. Clients receive comprehensive support in event planning, sound setup, and performance details, ensuring a smooth and memorable event tailored to their specifications.