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How does one describe in words The Bustamoovalators To do so completely requires years of anthropological study of culture, music, tradition, community, the relation of the earth to the moon and stars and the rise and fall of civilizations. But it all begins with 2 simple definitions: The Bustamoovalators: (bust’a-moov’a-la-ters) n. A tribe of Mardi Gras Indians living in Central Texas practicing the mystic art of Bustamoovalation. Their tradition holds they ventured Texas-ward during the last ice age and were trapped when the ice receded. Bustamoovalation: (bust’a-moov’a-la-shun) n. Ancient and little known philosophy of healing the soul through music. Any style of music can work, but some styles are more conducive to good vibes than others. Once the student understands these terms, the next step is to study the chief disciplines which must be mastered by all members of The Bustamoovalators: Back-Bone-Slippology, Life-In-The-Fast-Lane-Surely-Make-You-Lose-Your-Mindectomy and Shake-What-Ya-Mama-Gave-Ya’osophy. And this is where things get complicated. Fortunately, there is a way to get The Bustamoovalators without all this rigamarole and nonsense – experiencethe New Orleans inspired, funk-a-delic groove first hand. It’ll cure what ails ya! An evening with the Bustamoovalators is a rejoiceful celebration of music in the New Orleans Mardi Gras Tradition.

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