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Based out of Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA, Atlas is a quintet of eclectic musicians that indulges in melding genres into a single musical monolith. Forming in January of 2005, the band, consisting of Graham Todd (lead vocals), Nate Fender (piano/guitar/backup vocals), Walter Pierce (piano/guitar/backup vocals), Cody Zimmerman (bass), and David Brear (drums), had immediate chemistry and in no time wrote nine original songs. These songs tackle everything, from girls ("My Addiction"), to racism ("Love To Burn"), to religion ("Stare Into The Light") with clarity and insight few bands can emulate. Networking, promoting, and booking at CNU and the wider Newport News/Hampton Roads area, Atlas quickly jumpstarted the campus music scene and established itself as one of the premier local bands. Playing everything from a Tsunami Benefit in Franklin County, the Mellow Mushroom in Charlottesville, a battle of the bands in Keyport, New Jersey, the Norva, and opening for Uncle Kracker at CNU, Atlas refused to let itself fade into the background. As they work towards completing their full-length debut, "Calypso," Atlas will continue to push musical boundaries, already poised to dominate the Virginia music scene...and beyond.


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