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Punk Rock

The story of Inverness is a story forged in blood. That's right. James Parr, Travis Richardson, Michael Pinochi, and Danny Parr--who all grew up together in the San Francisco Bay Area suburb of Pacifica, California--long ago made a gruesome blood pact to be the greatest band in the universe. They had no other choice 'cuz they all sucked at sports.

Over the last six years, Inverness has: A.) pumped out a number of aggressive, melodic, hook-filled songs that have ranged in style from pop-punk to hard rock to emo; B.) won battle-of-the-bands competitions without even having to sleep with any of the judges; and C.) played gigs all over, from Bay Area teen centers that smelled like feet to scary parks in Hollister filled with Hell's Angels.

Because of A, B, and C (as well as the rest of the alphabet), Inverness has--at the very least--earned the distinction of being the greatest band in their own minds. The universe will surely catch up someday soon, and, if you don't think so, then Inverness will get a bunch of Hell's Angels to come to your house and kick your ass. (


Miller Does a Body Good, Two-Face, In All Honesty, Are You Listening?, Level 5 Clinger, Thanks Dad, First Name, Wish I Could Say Goodbye, F.A.B, Still Standing Here, What I Do Best, Driving Home, 2 in 24
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